Molecular Hydrogen and Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease that is affecting an increasing number of people. The cause of RA is not entirely known, but just knowing what we do about oxidative stress and its relation to inflammation, it follows that a powerful antioxidant could alleviate the painful symptoms.

To test that theory, a study was conducted with 20 RA patients:

Each drank one-half liter of high concentration H2 water (4+ppm) for 4 weeks. The next for they were only allowed to drink H2 water, but at a lower concentration. They finished with 4 more weeks of high concentration H2 water.

Many of them showed very quick improvement, others took a little longer.  All 20 showed marked improvement in blood indicators.  16 of 20 had major relief of symptoms, 9 went into remission.  Of those 9, 5 of them were unable to create the antibodies naturally, but with the help of the H2 water, achieved a much improved quality of life.

The conclusion of this study should be encouraging for anyone who wants a natural way to support the body and alleviate symptoms associated with RA.