H2: Trendy New Health Product or Something More?


Every time you look at a health magazine, or turn on a TV or radio, or search the internet, there seems to be a new “hot” health or beauty item attracting attention. Trendy products run the gamut from fashion to diets to lifestyle items to beauty products and everything in between.

There are currently more than 500 independent scientific studies and review papers that have appeared in reputable scientific journals that indicate H2 is beneficial in more than 150 human diseases (see www.molecularhydrogenfoundation.org for details).

An Industry Built on Science Instead of Marketing

The origin of the molecular hydrogen industry began with a scientific study done in Japan in 2007. Dr. Ohsawa, MD discovered that H2 is a selective antioxidant and his findings were published in the highly respected Nature journal which is described as an “international journal of science”. From there, the research floodgates opened and just a few short years later, molecular hydrogen products became a billion dollar industry in Japan.

Awareness of H2 remains almost exclusively within the private domain of scientists and a few health conscious early adopters in North America. The anonymity won’t last long as the molecular hydrogen story is in the cross hairs of many influencers in the alternative health world. How long it takes before the H2 industry becomes mainstream in the USA likely depends upon the ability of the scientific community in America to accept and build upon work that has already completed in Asia and how the story is told. .

A Perfect Storm is Brewing:

H2 ‘s impending popularity is a matter of WHEN, not IF as:

  • The health claims (at least the responsible ones) are real and based upon science as opposed to marketing buzzwords
  • Asian manufacturers of H2 products are well established and must be salivating at the thought of tapping into the prosperous American market which has 2.5 times as many people as Japan.
  • American distributors who make it their business to be at the forefront of health trends are already setting up online marketing websites
  • The American public is always anxious to obtain the “next thing” in the health market .
  • There are virtually no regulations in place for the supplement market which is where the H2 industry will land, and even less regulatory presence for online marketing

With everyone involved seemingly in a rush to be the first “in”, and nobody policing business practices, the H2 industry could face a perfect storm of marketing misinformation and the inevitable chaos that would follow. It would be a tragedy for the industry and the benefits that people can derive from its products to get stuck in legal purgatory due to irresponsible actions.