H2: Slows Lactic Acid Buildup


One of the consequences of intense exercise is an increase in free radical production. This increase leads to muscle fatigue, inflammation, exhaustion and if not dealt with, can result in higher oxidative stress levels over time.

Does molecular hydrogen have any effect on the immediate results of exercise? Things like muscle fatigue, lactic acid buildup, inflammation, etc?

A double blind crossover study was completed on 10 male soccer players looking specifically at the molecular hydrogen’s ability to improve muscle fatigue during short-term, intense exercise.

As the graphs show and the detailed study explains, molecular hydrogen consumed via water for 1 week resulted in a marked decrease in muscle fatigue and lactic acid levels in the blood when compared to standard water. These findings indicate H2 water could offer significant improvement in hydration and performance for athletes.

PW = Placebo Water
HW = Hydogen-rich Water

The graph shows that lactate levels over a period of intense exercise among the participants in the study are statistically lower hor the hydrogen water group than the placebo water group(*p < 0.05 vs. time 0. #p < 0.05 vs HW, N = 10).

Aoki et al. Medical Gas Research 2012 2:12   doi:10.1186/2045-9912-2-12